Sizzla The Messiah

534310_10151347666607691_731490832_n Miguel Collins aka Sizzla is one of the most influential and enigmatic artists in reggae. Since his emergence in 1995 he has blazed a trail through the deepest roots and slackest dancehall and then back again. His musical range and daring have made Sizzla difficult to label, yet, iconic at the same time.  The Messiah is Sizzla‘s return to righteous dancehall from a 2013 perspective. Released through his Kalonji Music label, the album is written and executive produced by Mr. Collins himself. The Afro -centric themes of earlier albums (Black Woman & Child, Da Real Thing) are present with a seasoned voice and fresh perspective of a man on a musical mission.

European Marketing & Promotion VP Records Matthias Labarbe 


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