Dancehall Dutchess Tiana embraces the Carnival spirit with her new soca single ”Guh Dung.” The power soca Veco Chant Riddim, from Grenada-based production house Island Traffic Entertainment, sizzles with the Jamaican dancehall sensation, who fell in love with the riddim when she first heard it for its up-tempo, festive vibes. The formula works as soca lovers are in store for a high-energy party anthem that will ignite the feeling of Carnival, wherever it is played.

Tiana has been steadily securing her place in the dancehall spotlight and now takes an unexpected and welcomed turn in soca with ”Guh Dung.” Versatile, wicked and wild, the sultry artist continues to dabble with sounds and experiment with different producers, as she builds her catalog of hits. Island Traffic Entertainment was thrilled to invole her as it exposes their riddim to the Jamaican market, which now hosts its own annual carnival celebrations in Kingston, and also to dancehall fans worldwide.

”Guh Dung” by Tiana is now available worldwide from all major digital retailers, distributed by FOX FUSE.


Evengemangstips! Arrangements!

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Tenza_Tour-3Upcoming Tour: Tenza Bosslady Gambia Tour Dates02/14 solo gig at Brickama, GM
Tenza Bosslady Live In Gambia Please see dates below. Spread the word to all reggae/dancehall/soca massive…….Tenza returns  to Gambia with fire!

Tour Dates

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02/14 Tenza Bosslady Live in Gambia Brickama, GM Link
02/15 Tenzabosslady live in Gambia Sukuta, GM Link
02/15 Tenzabosslady live in Gambia Sukuta, GM Link
02/17 Tenza live in Gambia Brickston Fiesta Brickama, GM Link
02/18 Tenza Live In Gambia Independence Show Banjul, GM Link
02/19 Tenza Live In The Gambia Batou Kunku, GM Link
02/20 Tenza live In The Gambia Siffoe, GM Link
02/21 Tenza Bosslady live in Gambia Bakau Bakau, GM Link
02/22 Tenza live in Gambia Busumbaka Busumbaka, GM Link
03/22 Robigans Reggae Present Tenza live in Scotland Edinburgh, UK Link

You have been hearing her name a lot lately and it’s for all great reasons. Again we bring Tenza to the light; she has released yet another epic single and of course follows up with the promotional video which is the highlight of this article.

Tenza’s Ghetto Soldier was produced by Yardlinks 254 and HDMwas from Kenya; the video was shot in Kenya and Brixton, London, it was directed by Stage Works Media, HDMwas and Najos. Ghetto Soldier is a reality focused single touching on areas of the society involving poverty, the economy, education (of which the Bosslady is a strong supporter), crime and the issues of the government in everyday ghetto society.

The video see her encouraging young people to put down the guns and pick up a book in that same time, which is of course a more practical way to spend your life. A little reading goes a far way while a gun or two may take your very own life away. I think the concept of this video has a strong solid point.  It’s all good when you are running around on government campaigns but, when the excitement is over and the smoke is cleared you the members of society are left to fend for yourselves so maybe a little less political excitement and a little more focus on your future will make things a whole lot better; take that stand, read that book and make life better for you and others.

Tenza foster via reverbnation.com
Tenza Muzik

536890_341554145975032_314900632_n 1620694_417518161711963_91262972_n 999365_481707325255261_457570109_n 551388_551821414910518_1463675026_n 1654041_577881205637872_1769604252_n 427269_312484885514453_611781314_n 409333_200832646679678_1070233357_n 1505004_529492343813705_1735738412_n 1461770_531182026978070_180782663_n 1623749_510565469059586_1485117623_n photo.php.bnp CxxEuro2014 1545735_808403292518854_2125148279_n 1466212_279091352242116_679721320_n 563733_10152374005818098_272214183_n 1483082_1380300475557841_1269849097_n 1474384_10151766858297181_1241850879_n Jah Van i on tour II HailelujahTour18X26 final 1474473_10151739669160216_1054856322_nSammanställt av Bernhard Perzanowski

Bunji Garlin Differentology with Busta Rhymes and Major Lazer

Bunji Garlin - Differentology EP - artwork

Bunji Garlin will release his upcoming studio album this spring on VP Records. He has three new tracks : Carnival Tabanca, It’s Carnival  (produced by Diplo & Kubiyashi) and Truck On D Road (produced by UK-based Jus Now) His anticipated release will be his first full-length release on VP Records since 2007’s Global.

Busta Rhymes jumps on the official remix for DifferentologyStream now

The Trinidadian artist and international soca royalty is known for his high-energy stage shows, lyrical confidence and eloquence. Garlin is both a composer and performer of soca and ragga soca. The latter is a blend of soca with dancehall music that he made his own during the start of his career in the late ‘90s. He has won the “Ragga Soca Monarch” competition in both 2000 and 2001, the Young King title in 2001, the coveted title of International Soca Monarch in 2002 and then reclaimed this title for three more years. 

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Jamaican dancehall reggae artist Uhan “Bucky Ital” Pearson delivers his highly anticipated new album, Do A Ting Fi Di Poor. Bucky Ital returns with his signature sound that fuses various genres to create his unique brand of dancehall reggae, which did not escape the notice of iTunes, granting him a coveted feature on the iTunes New and Noteworthy Reggae homepage, on its day of release.

The 11-track album presents eight singles and three skits, with producer Isaac Faith of Youth Black Faith Records at the helm of “Sufferation,” “Gunz Dem a Walk Wid (ft. Isaac Faith),” “Out Deh,” “Heritage,” and title track, “Do A Ting Fi Di Poor.” “Too Bad” was produced by Dwayne Rose, also of Youth Black Faith Records while “Money Fi Go” was produced by Ramont Green and Ronald Cash, and “You Lie” was produced by Chinna B.

Do a Ting Fi Di Poor by Bucky Ital is now available worldwide from all major digital retailers, distributed and written by FOX FUSE.


1. Intro
2. Sufferation
3. Money Fi Go
4. Gunz Dem a Walk Wid Feat. Isaac Faith
5. Interlude (Skit)
6. You Lie
7. Too Bad
8. Do a Ting Fi Di Poor
9. Out Deh
10. Skit
11. Heritage

PENTHOUSE RECORDS 25 Years – The Journey Continues Jamaica’s iconic Penthouse studio celebrates 25 years of timeless music with new double audio disc & DVD collection

Penthouse Records 25 Years - artwork largeLegendary Jamaican producer Donovan Germain and his Penthouse label productions have made an indelible mark in the history of reggae music. To commemorate 25 years since the founding of Penthouse recording studio, VP Records and Mr. Germain have collaborated on the new release Penthouse Records 25 Years  – The Journey Continues.

The Penthouse Records 25 audio discs highlight essential hits, new tracks from its current roster and two unreleased tracks from the legendary Garnett Silk (My Favorite Song and a remix of his classic Everything I Got).

Hosted by Mr. Germain himself, the bonus DVD is an hour and 45 minute journey through the history of the studio and label and features many the key players in Jamaican music. Interviews include original Penthouse crew members Tony Rebel, Richie Stephens, Wayne Wonder, Marcia Griffiths and Beres Hammond.

The Penthouse studio – originally located at 56 Slipe Road in Kingston, Jamaica – produced many of the genre’s biggest hits during the late 1980s and 1990s and has continued to churn out chart-topping anthems since relocating in 1998 to its current address 6 Ballater Avenue. Founder Donovan Germain produced world-class recordings alongside the island’s top engineers and studio musicians of the time – including Steven Stanley, Dave & Tony Kelly, Michael ”Coolie” Cooper, Steely & Clevie, Sly & Robbie, Firehouse Crew, Steven ”Lenky” Marsden and Mafia & Fluxy – and played an instrumental role in developing the careers of reggae stars Buju Banton (cranking out the most No. 1 singles for the reggae icon to date), Wayne Wonder, Cutty Ranks, Richie Stephens, Beres Hammond, Romain Virgo, Queen Ifrica and more.

In addition to these artists, the deluxe 47-song collection features today’s crop of Penthouse artists, including Dalton Harris, D MajorExco LeviRC and Shuga. Producer and visionary Donovan Germain‘s quest for excellence is evident.  He says ”it’s all about the next hit song,” and for Penthouse Records the journey continues…

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Penthouse Records 25 Years - press imageJamaican Recording Music has the marked distinction of every decade being ruled by a hand full of producers, who have dominated Kingston’s music scene along the way, setting the trends and steering the creative processes. The 1990s was no exception and Donovan Germain and his Penthouse Label made sure that this decade of Jamaican music had his special stamp on it. The imprint produced some of the finest recordings and developed a group of vocal performers who have gone on to make indelible marks in popular music internationally.

What has made Donovan Germain a special producer? Well for one, he is a perfectionist, and someone who expects high quality from his efforts. He has a particular sophistication in his productions style, which not only made them world class, but more importantly his particular brand of popular music was reachable to the average music listener in a period when it was easy to make disposable music for the “quick buck”. Germain stood tall as a champion of high standards, professionalism, quality and accessible music for Jamaican music aficionados worldwide.  Germain, a Kingston College Old Boy, began his career in the 1970s while living in the United States, distributing music and eventually owning Keith’s Record Store, located in Brooklyn, New York. Known initially for his love of “Roots Reggae” and “Lovers Rock”, Germain began recording in Jamaica around 1978. At that time he recorded under several imprint namely Revolutionary Sound, Reggae and Germain. Early success included UK hits in the form of Audrey Hall’s  “One Dance Won’t Do” (1985), Peter Metro & Dominic, “Cockney & Yardie” and  “Just Don’t Want to be Lonely”, Freddie McGregor (1987). These early recordings have the distinctive high quality, which became the hallmark of the Penthouse sound. Germain recordings from the beginning were seamlessly produced, developing a distinctive high quality sound, in terms of sonic quality, properly voiced and mixed to perfection, utilizing the best studio musicians of the day. This was a sign of what was to come.

Germain relocated to Kingston and opened the Penthouse Recording Studio in 1988 and continued recording Lover’s Rock, Reggae and Dancehall on his New Label, Penthouse Records. A few years after, some important moves were made, which helped to propel the label to international success by the addition of young engineers, Dave & Tony Kelly, who had their start at Tuff Gong and now joined the staff as engineers and producers which also included the supremely talented Steven Stanley. Later a new crew of “prento” engineers and riddim craftsmen eager for success joined the stable including, Andre ”Rookie” Tyrell, Michael ”Coolie” Cooper, Andrew Thomas. Regularly utilising the best musicians and engineers of the time, which includes, Steely & Clevie, Sly & Robbie, Firehouse Crew, Steven ”Lenky” Marsden, Mafia & Fluxy. Germain began to record and groom a small group of artists, namely, Wayne Wonder, Tony Rebel, Jack Radics, Apache Scratchy, Mad Cobra and Cutty Ranks plus a host of other recording artist. While he worked with this group, sticking to his lover’s rock roots, he continued to record veterans such as Marcia Griffiths, Beres Hammond, Sanchez and Tony Tuff.

During this period, Penthouse recorded several various artist projects, usually on one riddim, these included What One Riddim Can Do (1986) Ninja Turtle 1&2 (1991) with the hit “Workie Workie” by Chaka Demus, One Riddim On the Move  (1989) featuring “Pon Me Nozzle” Cutty Ranks and “Chaka on the Move”, Chaka Demus, Dancehall Masters (1989). Germain first Jamaican hit of note came with deejay Chaka Demus with “Chaka On The Move”.  However the big break came with the remake of “A Love a Can Feel Riddim” with the now classic “Tempted To Touch”, Beres Hammond leading the way. Songs were written and recorded on the same riddim by Tony Tuff, Jack Radics, Cutty Ranks. Richie Stephens, “Trying To Get To You” and Tony Rebel “Fresh Vegetable” had mega hits on this riddim. These recordings had that “Penthouse Stamp” of seamless production values, creative lyrical content and effective marketing.
The explosion of Penthouse came with the release of the single Love Mi Browning by up and coming young deejay Buju Banton.
The young artist burst on the scene with bravado and controversy over the Dave Kelly penned Love Mi Browning which was first intended for Tony Rebel who shunned it, due to the perceived controversy. Issue of colourism and racism reared its ugly head in the aftermath of the songs’ release. Germain skilfully averted career demise for Banton by releasing a single Love Black Woman in praise of black skinned women.  Here, Germain exhibited his grasp of the artist development, public relations and marketing, the key elements for any successful record company.

At that juncture he was not known for recording a lot of dancehall genre or many deejays for that matter, however, Germain had a good eye for talent and knew that he had found someone special. The Penthouse crew now comprised Wayne Wonder, Tony Rebel, Cutty Ranks, Mad Cobra, Twiggi and Buju Banton as marquee acts, with support from the likes of Garnet Silk, Apache Scratchy, Chaka Demus, Terry Ganzie, Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths and Sanchez. For the next couple of years Germain guided his charges with aplomb, steering them to major success both nationally and internationally. With Germain at his side steering his career, Buju Banton quickly rise from a young upstart to one the finest artist of his generation.  Mr Mention the first album from Buju Banton can be considered one of the best dancehall albums of all times against the background that dancehall albums had not distinguished themselves during that period. Buju Banton’s Mr Mention was a classic unadulterated pure dancehall at its finest. Devoid of the cross cultivation and genre bonding that was to be the hallmark of production geared for the international market.  As was the case with his sophomore effort, Voice of Jamaica, guided by Germain, saw Banton exploring a more international feel with collaborations with Busta Rhymes, Beres Hammond, Brian & Tony Gold and Wayne Wonder. Buju Banton’s ground breaking album Til Shiloh facilitated the transition of the artist, then known primarily as a dancehall act, to a neo- roots griot with an amazing hardcore flow that gave the genre some much needed critical acclaim.  Tony Rebel, Cutty Ranks and Wayne Wonder also went on to record for Penthouse some of the most enduring recordings of the 1990s.  Including Fresh Vegetable, Chatty Chatty, One Day and Armour (Tony Rebel), Pon Mi Nozzle, Grizzle, Dominate and The Bomber (Cutty Ranks), Eternal Flames, Saddest Day, Hold On, Movie Star, Bonafide Love and  Fast Car  (Wayne Wonder) which laid the foundation for the successes not only in the 1990s but through the beginning of 21st century.
Outstanding albums include Heads of Government by The Mighty Diamonds, Land of Love by Marcia Griffiths, A Love Affair by Beres Hammond, Mr Mention, Voice of Jamaica, Til Shiloh & Inna Heights by Buju Banton.

At the turn of the 21st century the single Everyone Falls in Love Tanto Metro & Devonte exploded and made serious inroad in North America, the single was taken up by Columbia Records who put its marketing juggernaut behind the single. In the 21st century Germain continued with a new crop of artists including the talented Assassin, Zumjay, Jah Mali and LMS; currently he continues to work as management and producer for the outstanding Romain Virgo, Shuga, Torch, Sherieta, Exco Levi, Dalton Harris and Righteous Child. In the finest tradition of outstanding and high quality music making Donovan Germain and the team has made an indelible contribution to Jamaica’s popular music recording history. The Penthouse Label has earned its place as one of the best imprints in the history of Jamaican recorded music so far establishing a musical legacy that will be the focus of discussions, analysis, intellectual gaze and most importantly, pleasurable listening and dancing. This compilation exemplifies the quality, the strife for perfection, the art of music making in the creative crucible of Kingston and the manifestation of the cultural richness of the Jamaican experience.


Dennis Howard Ph.D.

Penthouse Records 25 Years – booklet

Your Gear (and Your Health) Are At Risk. What You Need to Know This Week.

HeadCount Helps u.s. musicians get Health Insurance

Getting health insurance as a musician can be tough, but thankfully our friends at HeadCount.org have made the process easier. If you have questions about health insurance or the Affordable Care Act, you can call their hotline at +1 (919) 264-0418 for hands-on assistance as you sort out your options. HeadCount.org is a non-profit best known for registering voters at concerts, and they’ve created this helpful hotline as a resource for the music community. If you’re interested in being a part of news stories about the effect of the Affordable Care Act on that community, HeadCount will also connect you with the press. Email questions or inquiries to healthcare@headcount.org or submit them here!
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Chronixx – Hot for 2014

RiddimCover2013 has been a great year for Chronixx & ZincFence camp, thanks to y’all for the support !
2014 will be another busy year for the young musicians, the message & the music are spreading all around the world !
Chronixx is on BBC’s Hot list for 2014 – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01my5wc/profiles/thelist2014
New track has been added BBC radio 1xtra playlist : ” Mi alright ” feat. Kabaka Pyramid http://www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra/playlist/
Chronixx is ” Artist of the year ” 2013 for Riddim Magazine (Cover attached).
Chronixx & ZincFence Redemption will perform at Jazz & Blues Festival in Jamaica late January & at Nine Miles Music Festival in Florida mid-February & will be touring in Europe from March 26th till April 21st.
27.03 @ AMSTERDAM – Holland
28.03 @ MUNICH – Germany
29.03 @ BERLIN – Germany
30.03 @ ROTTERDAM – Holland
31.03 @ GRONINGEN – Holland
02.04 @ WIEN – Austria
03.04 @ GENEVE – Switzerland
04.04 @ BRESCIA – Italy
05.04 @ ZURICH – Switzerland
06.04 @ PARIS – France
08.04 @ BASEL – Switzerland
09.04 @ LYON – France
10.04 @ BARCELONA – Spain
11.04 @ PORTO – Portugal
12.04 @ LISBON – Portugal
13.04 @ BRUSSELS – Belgium
15.04 @ OSLO – Norway
16.04 @ STOCKHOLM – Sweden
17.04 @ HELSINKI – Finland
18.04 @ COPENAGUEN – Denmark
19.09 @ DORTMUND – Germany
20.04 @ HAMBURG  – Germany
Follow @ChronixxMusic on IG & @IamChronixx on Twitter.
Pierre Bost
Delivery Music
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Ishi Dube is Mr. Music

Ishi Dube - Mr Music - Artwork

Ishi Dube

Mr. Music

Genre: Reggae

Label: VPAL

Release Date: 14 January 2014

Catalog Number: UBE CD 010

The music of Ishi Dube is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and make you move your waist; his newest album ”Mr. Music” is no exception. Seventeen songs that will not only satisfy nearly any Reggae fan, but listeners from all walks of life. Dube’s meticulously self-produced album touches nearly every sub-genre of Reggae, from ska, roots, and lover’s rock, to rub-a-dub, reggae ballads, and dancehall. Ishi Dube and his Tuff Riddims Production is becoming a widely respected name globally and ”Mr. Music” is a prime example. Enjoy the variety of lyrics, melodies, rhythms, and styles. Download the new singles from Mr. Music now!

Also check out the video for ”Like Rain” follow this link:

Läs mer

Dax Lion New Single, ”Sleepless Nights”


First Single of 2014 – ”Sleepless Nights”


With the first single release of the new year, Dax Lion sets the tone for 2014 with a new style. With traditional Reggae music at his roots, he is branching out to a new flavor of music as he tells the story of a troubled, young  woman. Listen to the track as it takes you on this young woman’s journey. Infused with sounds of an electric guitar, this single is sure to catch your ears. Currently, he is in the process of shooting a music video for ”Sleepless Nights”. So, be on the look out! As always, thank you for your continued support.

Produced By: Jonathan March
Artist: Dax LIon
Release Date: January 2014
Dax Lion Management – daxlionbooking@gmail.com

Visit Dax Lion’s Website @ http://www.daxlionmusic.com

Visit Dax Lion’s Youtube Channel @ http://www.youtube.com/daxvernon1
Dax Lion on SoundCloud @ http://www.soundcloud.com/daxlion
Follow Dax Lion On Twitter @ http://www.twitter.com/daxlion
Become a Fan of Dax Lion @ http://www.facebook.com/daxlion
Visit Dax Lion’s Blogspot @ http://daxlion.blogspot.com
Visit Dax Lion’s Instagram @ http://www.instagram.com/daxlion

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My name is Yvonne Jacobs/Project Co-Ordinator of I&I Sound Productions.
We have attached ZAMUNDA’ Signature Song ”JAH LOVE SURROUNDS ME”. We
are presently representing the Artist ZAMUNDA.  Any inquiries concerning
Bookings for: Dubplates, Jingles, Riddims, Live Stage Shows and
Interviews, please contact Ms. Jacobs at: 514-653-8867,
yj@iandisoundproductions.com, WhatsApp, BBM PIN: 750E5BD1.

Thanks in advance looking forward to hearing from you,
Ms. Jacobs.