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Tenza_Tour-3Upcoming Tour: Tenza Bosslady Gambia Tour Dates02/14 solo gig at Brickama, GM
Tenza Bosslady Live In Gambia Please see dates below. Spread the word to all reggae/dancehall/soca massive…….Tenza returns  to Gambia with fire!

Tour Dates

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02/14 Tenza Bosslady Live in Gambia Brickama, GM Link
02/15 Tenzabosslady live in Gambia Sukuta, GM Link
02/15 Tenzabosslady live in Gambia Sukuta, GM Link
02/17 Tenza live in Gambia Brickston Fiesta Brickama, GM Link
02/18 Tenza Live In Gambia Independence Show Banjul, GM Link
02/19 Tenza Live In The Gambia Batou Kunku, GM Link
02/20 Tenza live In The Gambia Siffoe, GM Link
02/21 Tenza Bosslady live in Gambia Bakau Bakau, GM Link
02/22 Tenza live in Gambia Busumbaka Busumbaka, GM Link
03/22 Robigans Reggae Present Tenza live in Scotland Edinburgh, UK Link

You have been hearing her name a lot lately and it’s for all great reasons. Again we bring Tenza to the light; she has released yet another epic single and of course follows up with the promotional video which is the highlight of this article.

Tenza’s Ghetto Soldier was produced by Yardlinks 254 and HDMwas from Kenya; the video was shot in Kenya and Brixton, London, it was directed by Stage Works Media, HDMwas and Najos. Ghetto Soldier is a reality focused single touching on areas of the society involving poverty, the economy, education (of which the Bosslady is a strong supporter), crime and the issues of the government in everyday ghetto society.

The video see her encouraging young people to put down the guns and pick up a book in that same time, which is of course a more practical way to spend your life. A little reading goes a far way while a gun or two may take your very own life away. I think the concept of this video has a strong solid point.  It’s all good when you are running around on government campaigns but, when the excitement is over and the smoke is cleared you the members of society are left to fend for yourselves so maybe a little less political excitement and a little more focus on your future will make things a whole lot better; take that stand, read that book and make life better for you and others.

Tenza foster via reverbnation.com
Tenza Muzik

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