Blood  and Fire Cover

Blood and Fire Cover

20 YEARS AFTER ITS FIRST RELEASE Enlisting Co-Founder and A&R Steve Barrow

Founded in Manchester, England – Blood and Fire has been reissuing roots reggae, dub and DJ albums with a jazz-influenced packaging aesthetic since the early 90s. 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of its first release (If Deejay Was Your Trade: The Dreads at King Tubby’s 1974-1977) and VP Records has teamed up with the revered label for a strategic relaunch.
They will re-release 10 to 12 Blood and Fire collections with additional content and updated packaging this year. Also, the label plans to launch a merchandise line with the B&F logo and select album cover art, which will be bundled in collectable re-issue packages.
VP enlisted esteemed reggae historian and A&R Steve Barrow, who is one of Blood and Fire’s original founders, to oversee the album’s compiling, mastering and packaging and ensure that the product remains synonymous to the brand. He will be handling original B&F catalogue reissues with additional titles new to Blood and Fire.
”I look forward to working and continuing the fruitful relationship with VP Records, who have played a pivotal role in the production of reggae music since the early 1960s in Jamaica” states Barrow on the new collaboration.
Upholding a similar standard in presentation to classic jazz labels like Blue Note, Blood and Fire evokes Jamaican culture with simplicity and truth, providing top-quality archival recordings with superior packaging and design. They were the first reissue label to form a traveling sound system and tour with artists featured on their releases. Blood and Fire was also an early adapter in serving the online reggae community, providing one of the genre’s most active message boards to date.
”Blood and Fire presented reggae with premium quality and care as well as revived the careers of many unsung producers and performers,” says Chris Chin, CEO of VP Records. -We respect and admire the Blood and Fire brand and are delighted to be working together- .
The first release, available on Record Store Day (April 19th, 2014), will be a limited edition 12″ of Gregory Isaacs ”Mr. Know It All” in a B&F sleeve with inner fascimile sleeve of the original Jamaican 12″ single. This vinyl-only release will be followed by the first batch of titles from the B&F catalogue in various formats.



After the release of the song Save di planet and his beautiful video-

Bhy2r starting this year with a new vibrant nature song called Afta Hurricane Images intégrées 2

 He gives thanks to Jah after an terrible hurricane night,  a look at the devastating effects of hurricanes and other cyclone, very feared in USA and the caribbean. The music is composed by Richol ”Speedhigh”  Thomas , famous keyboard from High Woulers Band , actually best reggae band on Martinique island , recorded at Royal Warriors Muzik recording studio in 3 ilets Martinique F.W.I , background vocals by Sista Idhy , Mix & Master by Lamartiniere ”Kross D” Phillippe & Johann”Byr Etifier.  Afta Hurricane Single will be available on iTunes & Rwmuzik.com the 20th and on Spotify  & all legal download platform.

Dear Regards Royal Warriors Muzik and Bernhard Perzanowski



The Dread & Terrible Project by Chronixx

The Dread & Terrible projectChronixx will release The ” Dread & Terrible ” project on April 1st on all digital platforms & for free download on www.chronixxmusic.com

The project is compiled of 7 tracks & 3 dub versions produced by various producers. ” Dread & Terrible ”  will also be released on CD & Vinyl available at each Chronixx’s concert around the world – The ” Dread & Terrible ” World Tour will start March 26th in Amsterdam, Holland – All dates are available on Chronixx’s website.

25 January 2014 (9pm)
New York, NY
United States
Blue Note
26 January 2014 (9pm)
New York, NY
United States
Blue Note
30 January 2014 (9pm)
Jazz & Blues 2014
08 February 2014 (9pm)
Club Luna
15 February 2014 (9pm)
Miami, FL
United States
9Mile Music Festival 2014
22 February 2014 (9pm)
Blue Mountain Music Festival 2014
THU-27 March 2014 (9pm)
FRI-28 March 2014 (9pm)
SAT-29 March 2014 (9pm)
SUN-30 March 2014 (9pm)
MON-31 March 2014 (9pm)
Huize Maas
WED-02 April 2014 (9pm)
THU-03 April 2014 (9pm)
FRI-04 April 2014 (9pm)
SAT-05 April 2014 (9pm)
Rote Fabrik
SUN-06 April 2014 (9pm)
La Cigale
TUE-08 April 2014 (9pm)
WED-09 April 2014 (9pm)
CCO Villeurbanne
THU-10 April 2014 (9pm)
Ateneu Popular 9 Barris
FRI-11 April 2014 (9pm)
KINTAL Reggae Festival – Porto 2014
SAT-12 April 2014 (9pm)
Kintal Reggae Festival – Lisbon 2014
SUN-13 April 2014 (9pm)
TUE-15 April 2014 (9pm)
WED-16 April 2014 (9pm)
THU-17 April 2014 (9pm)
FRI-18 April 2014 (9pm)
SAT-19 April 2014 (9pm)
Reggaeville Easter Special – Dortmund 2014
SUN-20 April 2014 (9pm)
Reggaeville Easter Special – Hamburg 2014
FRI-01 August 2014 TBC
Reggae Jam 2014


Chronixx is the man behind The ” Dread & Terrible ” project. The 21 year old jamaican singer wrote all the songs, composed, recorded & mixed a few tracks himself. He also compiled the project & was really involved in the creation of the artwork & all the visuals for this project.

-What is good and pleasant in Zion is dread and terrible in babylon. This project to me stand as a reminder that the struggle and the spiritual fight for the liberation of I an I people, even after five centuries, is still on. And I hope it will assemble the willing and able youths of my generation to rise as our forefathers did and press towards the liberation of I an I people which is all the righteous citizens of this planet-. Words by Chronixx

 The ” Dread & Terrible ” project 

#Itunes Pre-order link : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dread-terrible/id841489884

#1 – Alpha & Omega – Produced by John John

(J.Mcnaughton /  F.Mcgregor / E.Smith)

#2 – Here comes trouble – Produced by Overstand JA Records

(J.Mcnaughton / S. Dunbar,R. Shakespeare, I. Kamoze/ P. James)

#3 – Capture land – Produced by Overstand JA Records

(J.Mcnaughton / P.James )

#4 – Rastaman Wheel out – Produced by Special Delivery Music

(J.Mcnaughton / M.Bost / J.Dessus / P.Bost)

#5 – Eternal fire – Produced by Special Delivery Music

(J.Mcnaughton / T.Broussard / T.Join-Lambert)

The song Spirulina is really I an I way as rasta youth to promoting a healthy lifestyle. And it also, in a creative way, depicts some real life experiences where it was nutrition that rescued me from certain illnesses. Big up to ”Viva” – veteran Juiceman and a great one of the world’s many spirulina pioneers-. Words by Chronixx.

#6 – Spirulina – Produced by ZincFence Records

(J.Mcnaughton / R.Arnett / R.Lynch)

#7 – Like a whistle – Produced by ZincFence Records

(J.Mcnaughton / R.Arnett / R.Lynch)

#8 – Alpha & Omega Dub – Produced by John John

(J.Mcnaughton / /  F.Mcgregor / E.Smith)

#9 – Here comes trouble Dub – Produced by Overstand JA Records

(J.Mcnaughton / S. Dunbar,R. Shakespeare, I. Kamoze/ P. James)

#10 – Capture land Dub – Produced by Overstand JA Records

(J.Mcnaughton / P.James )

Executive producer: Jamar Mcnaughton aka Chronixx

Artwork by : Andrew Cachia

Mastered by : Chris Athens

Mixing engineers : Jamar Mcnaughton (1, 6, 7 & 8), 

Gregory Morris (2 & 9), Marc Lee (3 & 10), Laurent Dupuis (5 & 6)

Ref# LPCM001 @ 2014 – Chronixx Music Group

A new visual from The Dread & Terrible project will be premiere on youtube.com/chronixxmusic on April 1st.



Thanks for the support

Pierre Bost Edit by  Bernhard Perzanowski


Various Artists: PHANTOM VOL. 4 By Fox Fuse

cover art

Leading reggae and dancehall label Tad’s Record continues its stronghold on those genres with the release of the latest installation in its hit compilation series, Phantom Vol. 4 – Various Artists, now available worldwide from all major digital retailers. The album features the biggest names in reggae and dancehall music – from dancehall juggernauts Vybz Kartel and Mavado to reggae royalty Jah Cure and Chronixx to new sensation Alkaline — and showcases the hottest tunes straight from Jamaica to the world.

The double-disc collection is jam-packed with 35 reggae gems and dancehall bangers, all for the unbeatable price of USD $9.99. Phantom Vol. 4 features smash singles that are currently dominating the airwaves in Jamaica and reggae platforms around the worlds.

Phantom Vol. 4 by Various Artists is now available worldwide from all major digital retailers, as well as on physical CD in stores, from Tad’s Record.

Disc 1
1. 123 – Alkaline
2. No Games – Vybz Kartel
3. Nuh Compatible – Bugle
4. Wickedest Ride – Vybz Kartel & Gaza Slim
5. Things Mi Love – Alkaline
6. Hi – Vybz Kartel
7. Climb Up – Aidonia
8. Business – Vybz Kartel
9. Show Yourself – Konshens
10. The Bruk Out Song – RDX
11. Bruki – Aidonia
12. Gyal Bruk Out – Alkaline
13. Fi Di Jockey – Aidonia
14. Drop – RDX
15. Kotch – RDX
16. Walk Out – Mavado
17. Nah Hear – I-Octane
18. Dem A Try Style Man – Mavado
19. Silent Bad People – I-Octane
20. Hustle All Day – Baby Cham

Disc 2
1. Jah Jah Mission – I-Octane
2. World Is In Trouble – Jah Cure
3. Wake Up – Jah Cure
4. Protect You Like A Soldier – Jah Cure
5. From My Heart – Jah Cure
6. Access Granted – Chronixx
7. Ain’t No Giving Up – Chronixx
8. The Mini Song – Chronixx & Goldy
9. Judgement – Chronixx
10. African King – Chronixx & Ce’Cile
11. Lighters Up – I-Octane & Alaine
12. Enjoy Yuh Life – Alkaline
13. Live To Make – Mavado & Jah Vinci
14. Live Life – Alkaline
15. Grades & Hennessy – Mavado

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Melloquence Collaborates With Elephant Man On New Single ‘Hold Me’

IMG_92962014 looks very promising so far for rising dancehall star Melloquence who has been steadily

paving his way in the industry with releases on some of dancehall’s more popular rhythms since

last year,namely:  JA Production’sOverDrive Rhythm” and the Frastwinz Music produced “Starizma


January saw the singjay releasing a medley music video for his songs  Hot Suh/Starizma (Star

life) on the above mentioned projects and already he’s set to release another music video. This time

for a collaboration effort with international dancehall super star Elephant Man entitled ‘Hold Me’.

Melloquence explained— Hold Me isn´t officially released yet, It  got big rotation on Carribbean  island’s

major radio stations including Zip 103 Fm,Irie Fm and Suncity Fm etc,:  over the past few weeks and with

the music video slated to be released this weekend both artists are confident, this will probality be the single

to become  higher heights. Hold Me’ is one of those songs that DJ can play

in a dance and get the females to ‘bruk out’ and at the same time it’s radio friendly and commercial

enough to be played at a family event and buss the place as well, it’s just a feel good  song, and right now the

music needs that–. Elephant Man — on the other hand thinks it’s refreshing and

credits this release as a strategic one, right now the girls dem need some songs like these. This is a breath of

fresh air,  furthermore It´s carnival season now so the girls dem want dance he concurred–.

The video was shot by Inna Wi Genes Filmz at the Board Walk Beach in Portmore and edited by

Cashflow’s Extreme Arts and features cameos from some of dancehall’s top female dancers and video

vixens including DHQ Nickiesha and Queen Latesha to name a few .

The single is produced by the European-based Weedy G SoundForce’ label and will be distributed by

VP Records.

For more info on Melloquence follow him on Instagram/Twitter :@Melloquence



Published and Edited By Bernhard Perzanowski

Bunji Garlin Carnival Tabanca EP

Bunji Garlin - Carnival Tabanca EP - Artwork
As the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival celebrations wind down (after so much wining up!), Bunji releases a brand new EP to vocalize his sentiments. According to Urban Dictionary, ”Tabanca,” is defined as ”an extreme sadness and/or a depression following one’s breakup or separation from one’s significant other.” Not one to dwell on the sadness, Bunji also includes ”Red Light District,” ”Carnival Tabanca (Vikings remix),” and this year’s Carnival anthem ”Truck On D Road” on the EP. Full track list below:

1. Carnival Tabanca
2. Truck On D Road
3. Red Light District
4. Carnival Tabanca (Vikings remix)


VP Records | www.vprecords.com
89-05 138th Street| Jamaica, New York 11435 | USA

Throu Bernhard Perzanowski reggay.se