Nneka takes a reggae direction on new album

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Nneka_MyFairyTales_CoverOn Nigerian-born and Germany-based singer, rapper and political activist Nneka’s fifth full-length album My Fairy Tales she explores the reggae genre more than ever before. Often described as a neo-soul singer in the same vein as Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill, Nneka takes a new direction, and a great leap forward, on this brand new album.

My Fairy Tales is a genre-spanning set with nine tracks rooted in reggae, funk and R&B flavoured with electronica, UK dub and afro-beat.

Nneka has a slightly thin voice, but it has a beautiful, delicate and slightly raspy tone. And even though several of the songs come with deep and loud bass lines as well as dense arrangements, Nneka manages to come across with her singing.

My Love, My Love and Book of Job are two deep and straight-up reggae gems with thunderous bass lines, while Local Champion is urban and electronic with dubby…

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Etzia ERICA Haylett börjar bli en etblerad dancehall och reggae artist. Hon har släppt en ep gangstress


och ett gäng singlar med artister som Collie Buddz och Charlie Black. Hon samarbetar mycket med sin pojkvän Patrik Partillo Alexandersson Partillo Productions. Han spelar trummor i Ribbit Boom och Hot This Year Band. Erica har även gästat på låtar med Serengeti såväl på skiva som live bl.a på Scandinavian Reggae Festival i somras. Etzia släppte sin nya ep Chapter Done nyligen som är producerad av Partillo och Masth-L i Göteborg.


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Billy Wilmot guitar, vocals Mystic Revealers

Mystic Revealers - Crucial Cuts - Artwork

1) Listen to Billy Mystic Wilmot What do you think about 2015 years reggaescen?

Very young artist coming up represting reggae in a good way. Good musicians doing a good job for reggae music.

When did you started Mystical Revealers?

1976 starting as a youth. collage graduate 1981.

first record 1989. international release 1991.

2] What do you excpect of your new record?

Bring joy and revelation. Positive vibes and message. Power and love and passion. important message. energy. Do a different, make a world a better place.

3) what’s the most important thing you learn in the music business?

some people goes for popularity. some want controversy.

For me it’s when your music would be heartfelt.


4) Roots and lovers reggae still use a organic sound and not so much computers why do you think it’s so?

It’s a original music, I enjoy music in different forms. Today one people can do it by theme self. Today it’s single mentallity. Not the best thing for the future.

what do you think about the new distribution methods compared to the old ones?

Youtube can make a  lot of plays but the artist not get paid out of it. A lot more variable. The artist not have any control over there music. Before you can hire proffessional musicians they can´t not effort it today. It feels like most of the music been stolen without paying for it.

5) what do you have for expeditions in the future?

A lot of new music a album at the end of this year.


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