Last war & Classic riddim

Bunny Wailer of THE Wailers a tribute video

Rest in peace Bunny Wailer. The Third and THE last One of THE original wailers. Together they take roots reggae to a international audience. The Wailers are a fundament in reggae music. Rest in peace Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and THE last One Bunny Wailer.


Maxi Priest Easy To Love Released 14-06-16

Maxi Priest - Easy To Love - Artwork

Gravity is an EXCLUSIVE NEW track from Maxi’s forthcoming album ”Easy To Love” produced by Bulby.

Easy To Love is the title track from

Maxi’s new LP which drops June 16th. This HOT new remix features UK’s #1 Dancehall DJ; Stylo G in combination with Maxi and the remix is recieving support from Rodigan; Seani B; Daddy Ernie; Silverstar; Commander B & more! 


Evengemangstips! Arrangments 2014!

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PH3 live på Fasching
den 24 januari kl. 21:00
United Stage i Stockholm, Sweden


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