Billy Wilmot guitar, vocals Mystic Revealers

Mystic Revealers - Crucial Cuts - Artwork

1) Listen to Billy Mystic Wilmot What do you think about 2015 years reggaescen?

Very young artist coming up represting reggae in a good way. Good musicians doing a good job for reggae music.

When did you started Mystical Revealers?

1976 starting as a youth. collage graduate 1981.

first record 1989. international release 1991.

2] What do you excpect of your new record?

Bring joy and revelation. Positive vibes and message. Power and love and passion. important message. energy. Do a different, make a world a better place.

3) what’s the most important thing you learn in the music business?

some people goes for popularity. some want controversy.

For me it’s when your music would be heartfelt.


4) Roots and lovers reggae still use a organic sound and not so much computers why do you think it’s so?

It’s a original music, I enjoy music in different forms. Today one people can do it by theme self. Today it’s single mentallity. Not the best thing for the future.

what do you think about the new distribution methods compared to the old ones?

Youtube can make a  lot of plays but the artist not get paid out of it. A lot more variable. The artist not have any control over there music. Before you can hire proffessional musicians they can´t not effort it today. It feels like most of the music been stolen without paying for it.

5) what do you have for expeditions in the future?

A lot of new music a album at the end of this year.

Listen to Billy Mystic Interview on Bang Radio with Mikee Majestic – Inner Gold Show by Heartical I.D #np on #SoundCloud

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JAH VAN I on Tour and a New Video Medley!

For immediate consideration!
***YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE***Jah Van i on tour II
Jah Van I will be on Tour in Europe  FEBRUARY to April 2014 , The 1st purpose of this tour is to come to meet our public and  partners . Be a part of this Tour with us!

JAH VAN I aka Jah Smood or Vanern DwayneTulloch

Dubbed “The new Golden Voice”,brings an incomparable unique sound to Reggae music.

His first single on Royal Warriors Muzik label, “In My World”, debuted at number 4 on the widely acclaimed Stampede Street Charts, in Jamaica. Since then Jah Van I has appeared on several popular Jamaican television and cable stations such as CVM TV, Hype TV and RE TV.

His music has received rotation on several radio stations internationally such as Indie in Motion (Los Angeles), RFO, KMT (Martinik), Hits 92, Irie FM, ZIP FM, Bess FM, Fame 95 and Reggae Sun FM in Jamaica.

Jah Van I has also shared stages with renowned artistes such as George Nooks, Beenie Man, Movado and Fantan Mojah on major shows such as Camp Fire.

he started to work at the airport as a ramp attendant for air Jamaica but he noticed that working at the airport he was always singing and his coworker always say to him why he don’t go all the way with music, so he started to visit the studio when he got the time and the rest is history …..

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Positive Legacy presents Jammin in Jamaica with Everyone Orchestra and Special Reggae Walk of Fame Guest Artists plus new artists  

Email your website to me ASAP if you would like to jam with our visiting artist and musicians for added promotions on the Jam Cruise website and to sell products on the day at the Stadium (435-8401 or 561-839-4495 if calling from North America) Monday January 6, 2014 at Reggae Music Expo

Location: Ras Astor Black Interactive Music & Arts Learning Institute Trelawny Stadium in Falmouth, Jamaica

Join Positive Legacy for a visit to the Ras Astor Black Interactive Music & Arts Learning Institute at Trelawny Stadium in Falmouth for Jammin in Jamaica with an all-star Everyone Orchestra and conductor Matt Butler. This afternoon of interactive entertainment will benefit youth skills development in Jamaica. We are thrilled to meet students from the Music & Arts Learning Institute who will “edutain” us and share the skills they have been learning.  

Jam Cruise guests will be treated to an authentic culinary and musically magical experience. During a one-hour collaborative musical workshop students will gain inspiration, encouragement and new skills. Jam Cruise guests will be schooled by culinary students on the art of Jerk, Jamaica cooking techniques. This enlightening hour of learning will culminate with a delicious shared lunch accompanied by a soul-satisfying jam session. For a completely authentic Jamaican afternoon experience, those hoping to get the blood pumping off the dance floor can join in a Futbol (Foot Ball) and 20/20 Cricket game.

Proceeds from this event will benefit the Music & Arts Learning Institute where tuition is always FREE. Funds generated by this event will aid the construction of a new audio and video recording studio at the institute. The institute was founded in 1994 by Ras Astor Black and is part of an exciting entertainment and sports complex, including a Reggae Walk of Fame. The institute provides tuition free education in all areas of the arts including music & video production, photography, culinary arts, radio production, broadcast journalism, marketing and advertising. Courses at the institute highlight the importance of education, teamwork, punctuality and discipline. The skills learned at the institute create tremendous opportunities for Jamaica’s youth, for whom the unemployment rate is 32.2 percent.

We invite Jam Cruise guests to join us for an afternoon of music and connection in Falmouth on January 6th. Tickets for this event are $60 per person, which includes the cost of transportation, Rastafari vegetarian lunch and a donation to the Music & Arts Learning Institute. All donations are nonrefundable and this event is rain or shine.